Surfkayak Course Peniche - Portugal

Aterra have arranged surfkayak courses in Peniche Portugal since 2010. We have had participants from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, New Zeeland, Portugal, Belgium, Holland and England. Peniche is the perfect place to start learning surfkayaking. We have several surf spots to work with depending on your experience. We will teach you the basic tecniques in kayaksurfing.

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Beginner & intermediant Surfkayak Course Peniche - Portugal

Dates 2017 Course available Book before Price euro
10-15 april
Fully booked
1/3 4300 sek (435 euro)
26 june - 1 july
20/6 4300 sek (435 euro)
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The course is individually tailored and we allways have access to smaller and larger waves. We can be maximum six in each course and we will be maximum four in the water at the same time for safety reasons. The following is included in the course: Instructor, surfkayak, paddle, spraydeck, pfd and helmet. You can rent a wetsuite if you don't have one. The course starts around 10 am and ends around 4-6 pm (we have a lot of time in the water for the ones who want). Instructor: Leif Davidsson who has seven years experience of surfkayak courses in Portugal and over 15 years as seakayak instructor.

We stay at and recomend Captains Log House. The price is around 22 euro.

Participants must be of age, a parent or guardian accepted lower age. Minimum length 145 cm.

  • Everyone can participate with normal physics and water experience, the course is individually tailored. We have participants from 16 to 65. Although it looks extreme on some images there are always waves in different hight. We allways start in lower waves.

  • Wetsuite rental 20 euro/day. Allways cheaper to buy your own.

  • Course is full day but you are free to relax and end when you want and need.

  • Day 1. Coursestart kl 14.00.

  • Day 2-5. Start ca kl 10. End ca 16-18.

  • We have access to the equipment all days.

  • Groupsize max 6 persons.

  • Instructors Leif Davidsson, Mattias Melldert.

  • Can i take a friend with me? Yes we will help you to find other things to do if you not are in the surf kayak course. We can offer yoga, sunny beaches, SUP classes, board surf classes, mountainbike. So we welcome your family, friend, girl or boy friend.

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    Surfkayak course content

    Material kayak and equipment
    Paddle out
    Land on the beach in break
    First surf
    Surf along the wave
    Bottom turn
    Top turn
    Psychology big waves
    Surf etiquette
    How does a wave work

    Please book in time and you get better price on your flight and Captains Log House have easier to guarantee a place.


    Our philosophy is to provide you with an experience filled with fun and joy. Join us on a rewarding and exciting courses! Our goal with this course is that after the course you will feel that you should be able to go out alone on scenic paddling in relation that suit you.

    Rent a Surfkajak i Peniche Portugal

    News! Now you also can rent surfkayaks in Peniche. Our requirements to rent: you should have attended at least two courses or have experience of surf kayaking.

    1-2 day
    40 euro/dag
    3-5 day
    30 euro dag

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    More information about Surf Kayak course Peniche

    To paddle surf kayak is the ultimate kayaking experience. We promise you a great experience down there in Portugal. You will get to know how happiness rushes through you when you head off on your surfs. Learning to surf in a kayak is easier than standing on a surfboard. Surfing with a surf kayak can not compare with a sea kayak surfing, in a surf kayak, you can surf "for real ". For five days, you will develop and be able to do bottom turns, work out top turns and maybe make some cut-backs and other tricks. If you are a sea kayak guru or have never sat in a kayak does not much matter, you will almost have the same basic level. But you have the advantage of water habit and being a white water paddler and of course you have the advantage if you can do a kayak roll. A good advice is to do some kayak roll courses before you go. If its not possible it will work anyway.

    We recomend taht you stay at Captains Log House. Pricelevell 17-22 euro.
    Flight: Fly to Lisbon.
    Bus: Buss goes from Lisbon to Peniche frequently.

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    Questions : [email protected] 0702-598 260